About Deborah

Always an independent spirit, I started my first business in 1990. After owning and partnering in several successful small businesses, I realized that my path to financial freedom was through real estate investing.

In addition to my business degree and graduate work at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, I expanded my investing education in 2011 with a series of intensive workshops with Robert Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Advisors and The Real Estate Radio Guys.

It was a natural transition to shift gears from my 20-year design firm to my booming rehabbing business in Southern California. With my first house flip netting near $100,000 in profits my business took off. My strategy of flipping houses in California for capital and buying and holding for cash flow in other markets for long term wealth has proven to be a success. And just 2 years ago moved from rehab to development.

Real Estate Investor

Controls $5+ Million in Real Estate

High Performance Coach

Helping You To Be more profitable

Founder of WREN

The Women’s Real Estate Network

With an unsurpassed expertise in renovation and team management, I began purchasing foreclosures in the Memphis area, then moved on to purchasing multifamily apartment buildings. After only 7 years, I now controls over $5 million in real estate and have done several more
million in deals. I am currently focusing her energy on partnering with investors seeking financial freedom.

Always an advocate of self development I work as a Trainer for Tony Robbins, peak performance coach, author and entrepreneur. With him I’ve experienced walking on hot coals, leaping off telephone poles and taking icebaths. It’s never a dull moment.

I’m also the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN), a community where women in real estate excel and empower each other. We share experiences, resources and tools to help one another grow both personally and professionally. We have monthly meetings nationwide and an annual event called “Ignite Your Fire Within.”


And guess what? I was recently name Woman to Watch by the national publication Think Realty and was recently selected to be on the cover of the Women’s Issue in March of 2020.

I live in Los Angeles, CA with my husband and have two grown kids.